Our Vision

Our Partners receive innovative hardware and software products as well as customised solutions and concepts that help generate added value to their portfolio. This is achieved by improving business processes and optimising the exchange of information and knowledge. Customer satisfaction is key and we strive to deliver the best customer experience at all times. Our customers are at the heart of the approach and strategy we take. Our portfolio of products and professional services are tailored to meet their needs. We practise openness, honesty and fairness in our dealings with business partners and colleagues. Our products and services provide economic and environmental value to our customers, conserve resources and are in harmony with our environment and society.

Our Values


In today’s world, you must be agile, flexible and open to innovation all the time. We are working non-stop to improve our internal processes and optimise our cost structures to deliver real benefits to our customers. We take an innovative approach for taking advantage of opportunities on the markets we serve.

Our Customers

We are fully committed to deliver benefits to our customers. To deliver on this promise, we draw on our knowledge acquired around the world and all of the company’s resources to ensure we provide the best results for our customers. We listen to our customers and safeguard their interests.

Respect & Integrity

Integrity is a core value of our company. It supports us in our efforts to gain the trust and respect of our customers, suppliers and the general public in our business dealings with them. Integrity means practising what we preach. Our guiding principle is our solid ethical principles and our commitment to the management of the highest standards.


We focus on achieving the best possible outcome in the least wasteful manner by maintaining effective policies and procedures while consistently developing our high-quality workforce. By eliminating wasteful processes, we utilise our resources when and where they are truly needed.

Our Commitments


UTAX are committed to operating in an ethical manner at every level of the company, as part of their ambition to be a good corporate citizen. We believe that law-abiding and ethically correct operations should be a standard in any company and aligns to our values and principles. We follow our parent company’s vision, the Kyocera Philosophy, where we want to build relationships of mutual trust with our stakeholders, and always look to do what is right. Read more


We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and society and meet this responsibility. We are constantly upgrading our products and services in the name of our customers, the environment and society. This is how we play an active role in sustainable resource conservation. Find out more

Diversity & Inclusion

We require first-rate teams to deliver top-class services, teams that are flexible, open, committed and eager to learn. We therefore seek out the best employees to work for our company and deploy them where they can best serve the customer. Our employees are our highest asset. We offer a number of career advancement options and provide them with the training and tools they need to succeed and continue to develop personally. We take measures to ensure that the conduct of our employees reflects our commitment to cultural diversity and that anyone, regardless of their background and abilities, is welcome at UTAX.

Tax Strategy

Our ultimate parent company is Kyocera Corporation (registered in Japan). We adopt the Kyocera Philosophy in business affairs; that is, “Do what is right as a human being” and adhere to the Kyocera Group Tax Policy as published on Kyocera Corporation website. Our dealings with customers, suppliers and all external organisations are based on best practice. There are checks in place throughout the organisation to ensure that this policy is adhered to. View our Tax Strategy Statement
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