What are Managed Document Services?

Managed Document Service (MDS) is a solution that combines hardware, software, servicing and strategic consultancy to optimise all aspects of document management within the business, from infrastructure, capture and workflow, to security, archiving and storage, for both printed and electronic documents.

MDS takes a holistic approach to document management that goes beyond printing and focuses on how documents are managed, delivered and stored across devices, networks and channels.

In short, MDS is not just about how businesses provision printing – it’s about how they manage the whole document lifecycle from creation, consumption, processing and storage of information.

Increase efficiency by 20% by optimising your processes and systems.

The MDS analysis we carry out at UTAX includes an in-depth evaluation and full optimisation of your processes for digital and printed documents. What customers receive is a customised solution concept that delivers greater transparency and efficiency and generates savings in terms of time and cost.

Your main benefits

  • Reduction in costs associated with managing and supplying your output systems
  • Greater transparency regarding your workflows
  • Reduction in costs and demand on resources
  • Professional managed services deliver added value for your core operations

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