P-6038i MFP

Working intelligently means you need intelligent systems that support you. The P-6038i MFP is an intelligent all-rounder. It makes your current tasks considerably easier, while being ready for whatever the future may throw at you. It is productive and secure, and also supports mobile printing and scanning, all while effortlessly maintaining an environmental balance as part of the package.


Digital Multifunctional System

We know, that sometimes it can feel like most of your day is taken up printing, scanning or copying paperwork. To make sure you‘re utilising your precious time as efficiently as possible, you need a high-performance A4 b/w system that prints like clockwork and scans, copies or faxes your documents just like that. And of course, it needs to meet the latest security standards, feature positive environmental properties, boast a huge amount of storage capacity and, ideally, also staple your documents automatically. That might sound like a pipedream, but it’s actually a reality: The P-6038i MFP and P-6038if MFP are true high performers that make sure you’ll always be on top of things.

Additional information

General - Copy/print speed

General - Print technology

General - Paper feed

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General - System Memory

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General - Functions

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Environment - Power Consumption

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Print System - Print Format

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Scan System - Scan Speed


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