Galliard Homes

Founded in 1992 and with over 700 staff, Galliard is a property development, hospitality and management group overseeing mixed-use, residential, hotel and commercial projects across London and southern England. The Group has a large portfolio under construction which includes 6,905 homes and 341 hotel suites.

Galliard are a long-established customer of a UTAX Partner and had a large, mixed fleet of multifunctional devices, in order to keep up with their fast-paced business growth and its demands. With their range of HP and Samsung desktops and MFPs across the site, came the challenge of having to order a variety of consumables, which equated to high printing costs and excessive, timely administration.

With a fresh management prospective and a yearning to cut infrastructure costs, they reached out to the UTAX Partner to discuss implementing a fully integrated Managed Print Solution. The plan was to look at their current fleet and replace them with a standardised fleet of UTAX colour and mono devices, across their 30 plus sites, in order to improve workflows and save money.

There were many challenges that Galliard faced with their previous print set-up that the UTAX Partner identified and recognized needed addressing. The first challenge was making improvements to ensure secure printing. The onus was on individuals to control their printing in a shared environment. This was particularly paramount to ensure data protection was maintained at all times Galliard recognised they needed a system that allowed them to keep all documents secure until released by the originator, as well as reduce wastage for unnecessary printing.

The next challenge was the high volume of unnecessary colour printing that was happening across certain departments. Many of the documents that could have produced in black and white, were being inadvertently printed in colour, including documents with very small amounts of colour, such as a weblink on an email printout and internal documents that did not require colour production. These were being charged at a full colour click and this was resulting in extremely high colour printing costs for the company.

The final challenge they faced was ensuring that the entire Galliard team was on board with the introduction of a new system, including any additional software, making the transition as smooth as possible.

The UTAX Partner recognised that in order to alleviate the issues that were arising for Galliard, they first needed to look at a reduced and more uniformed print fleet, that worked in line with the needs of the business. They introduced 61 devices to replace the mixed fleet that was previously across the 30 plus sites.

The UTAX Partner also introduced UTAX Fleet Services (U.FS), which is a cloud based solution designed for remote management and maintenance on UTAX devices. This includes remote repairs and the ability to perform firmware upgrades and setting adjustments without having to dispatch a technician to the site, alongside usage reporting.

Alongside this, The UTAX Partner suggested the integration of MyQ print management software, which offers complete monitoring of print services; print environment optimisation, such as indicating when devices are not being used effectively, and a higher level of security using PIN release printing. This meant printed documents were no longer left accessible to anyone other than the intended user, who released their job at their selected device when they required it, or not at all if no longer required.

Over the short period of time since the new fleet of devices and Managed Print Solutions has been implemented, Galliard have made huge savings estimated to be in the region of £20,000 just within the first year.

“The MyQ PIN release software across all sites, alongside the secure print function has enabled us to work towards our GDPR goals, whilst allowing our people to pull their work from any printer located in any office, by simply entering their unique user PIN.” comments Graham Carr, Head of IT for Galliard.

“Thanks to the UTAX Partner, we have also eased administration workload owing to the U.FS software automatically monitoring the toner levels in the machines and removing the requirement for us to manually place toner orders. This means less down time for the machines, creating a far more productive working environment and reducing waste!”

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